Monday, 26 December 2011

366 Thrifty days 'till Christmas 2012

Ahhh, I hope a wonderful Christmas day was enjoyed by one and all! 
We had a lovely morning opening our hand crafted and carefully chosen pressies before a chaotic, noisy but very tastey afternoon at my mums with my Brother and his clan, then back home for Dr Who? and Downton Abbey.

And so to my new challenge - a whole year of blogging a thrifty tip or action EVERY DAY for a year, and as was pointed out, we actually have an extra day this coming year - What a mammoth task! hehehe

This is NOT aimed solely at next Christmas, it is to get me through all the different events plus daily life! we have a plethora of birthdays as usual, a few weddings (4 in the next 2 years so far) and all the other usual events, Easter etc! I am determined to save money, mend the house, eat better, exercise more, well, you know, the usual resolutions plus more - and the sooner the better.
I already have Mr Juicy's Birthday looming large on New Years Eve, and no idea what to get or make him as I kinda threw everything into Christmas for him, then on the 3rd January it's my Dad's Birthday. I know these events occur every year at the same time but I am never prepared and consequently they both tend to end up with reduced Christmas food items from the supermarket. 

Anywho - back to my first Thrifty Day, (only 365 left!) 

Baby Fig and I are determined to not spend ANYTHING on wrapping paper this year, it costs a fortune and is usually just ripped off and thrown in the bin, so Taryn the bag fairy had away with every gift bag as soon as it's gift was removed and came home with a stash to keep us going for ages - plus any that are torn or damaged around the top we are going to cut down and customise.

I know it sounds extreme and not much of a saving, but this is something we have done before, no one ever notices it is recycled and like I said, it just ends up in the bin in the end. 


KC'sCourt! said...

Good luck with your posting everyday, I'll try and leave a comment everyday!
Julie xxxxxxxx

VintageVicki said...

We always recycle gift bags - we some that have been round the family many times. I also save the paper bags they give you in the nice shops and use those too.

Wibbo said...

Good luck :o)


What a great ides... just love the thrifty stuff ... will be waiting with baited breath.
What a task you have sat for yourself ... lots of 'thinking' needed methinks... good luck.

I to save all the wrapping and bags I can collect, I have found cheap fancy scarves at carboots can be used to good effect to.

Vicky x