Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Brew sheds - the essential guide.

Thank you so much for all your kind comments, I am into week 3 of my sick leave, and I am feeling some what cheerier than last week - finally.
After your fantastic comments I am also feeling inspired to try and set things in motion that eventually change my future - not entirely sure what as yet though!

Yesterday me and baby fig had an appointment in Blackburn - Baby fig is trying to get a flat there to continue her education, and she works part time in Evans clothes shop in the town centre - after we popped to our favourite 'brew shed' (as my dad likes to call them)
This is the Exchange Coffee company - and Blackburn has the original shop - I love the decor!

Every inch is original stone work, wooden panels and William Morris wall papers and fabrics - the furniture looks like it was salvaged from every old church in town, a real mish mash, they have tea's and coffee from all over the world, freshly roasted and ground to your requirements
It really hits every spot - a feast for the senses - all of them!

now...back to painting the house!


Elizabeth said...

I think I will go to your coffee shop
except I only like hot choc or tea!
Saw your old pup and remembered jelly babies.
So love your blog.
You might be amused by Buster's blog......
we are back from Morocco and living in New York now.
All best wishes

Taz said...

That looks like a cool brew house but of course me being me didn't equate brew with tea or coffee LOL

OMG that is so freaky, my pot noodle had to be beef and tomato too!!! And Taz is the coolest nickname in the world even if it drives me mother demented. She thought calling me Tara meant there was no way I'd end up with a nickname. LOL

And Mrs get that award over here, you are my secret 6th ;) xx

Catherine said...

Anyone who knows me knows I love my coffee shop(s). Would love to try yours! Wish I was there!
Glad you're feeling a wee bit better.

KC'sCourt! said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog. That coffee shop looks interesting, I wish I lived closer to try it!


Its years since I have been to Blackburn, as I was growing up they were building the centre bit - and that spirally walkway/ramp -y thing near the market - playing on the building site? OMG when you think now, how did we get away with it!
Must try and get a look at that brew shop!

Vicky x

HairyKnees said...

Man I love good coffee shops! We had one here in SA that we ALWAYS used to go to whenever we were nearby (me and my friends.) unfortunately they closed down and we were all so sad :( until we found another hidden branch that is 24 hours :D So we ALWAYS go there no matter what time it is. Nice place to relax and socialise or even just chat. Love the look of it :)

Glad you are feeling better! :)