Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Impeccable Conception By Maya Angelou

My lovely white roses were looking very sorry for themselves this morning - But inspired by a still life photo in my black and white photography magazine and one of my favorite poems (and the only poem I have ever managed to memorise) I thought I would catch their fading beauty on camera, and share the poem...

Impeccable Conception

By Maya Angelou

I met a Lady Poet
who took for inspiration
colored birds, and whispered words,
a lover’s hesitation.

A falling leaf could stir her.
A wilting, dying rose
would make her write, both day and night,
the most rewarding prose.

She’d find a hidden meaning
in every pair of pants,
then hurry home to be alone
and write about romance.

It may be about a poet - but I think no matter what we do, bringing up children, sewing, knitting, cooking etc etc - we all take inspiration from everything around us - plus it just makes me smile when I read it!



Oooooo that 'a lovers hesitation' just gave be a delicious shiver!!
What a lovely post! Thanks!

Vicky x

Taz said...

You're right we do all find inspiration in places all around us.
Lovely picture x