Thursday, 10 January 2008

Dark Days

oh dear - I really don't like going to work and coming home in the dark, especially when the days are so grim and dreary as well.

Got home in the dark last night, and went to take some photo's to put up here - but they all came out looking like they were taken down a coal mine with the lights off, so have checked the weather forcast, sunny on Saturday, and have decided to get out and about in the lovely countryside round here and snap stuff au natural.

my latest project is 'squishy pigs' - found a lovely pattern in an old austrailian hand made magazine, and have been producing these lovely patchwork squishy pigs from it - photo's comming soon.

My Daughter is into her charity shops at the moment, and has started coming home with some real bargains - loads of sewing and pattern books from the 60's and 70's - it is not surprising to find that so many of the styles in them are back in fashion, (with a little modification, and up to date fabric!) but they were really into their clasic tailoring and dressmaking skills back then, so just been photocopying a couple of the kids patters from 'golden hands' to make my own up to date versions.

Another project on the horizon is to request wool jumpers on my local 'freecycle' group and have a go at felting - might make a wooly squishy pig then...

All I need now is lots of time to myself! a comodity worth more than gold!


lusummers said...

thanks for leaving a comment and for putting a link to me:)...congrats on your new blog...will be visiting regularly, i can't wait to see pics of your sqishy pigs!

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