Friday, 11 January 2008

sunny intervals

the forcast for the weekend is Saturday - sunny intervals, Sunday - Heavy rain...

so, my plan is to get me and my projects round to our allotment on Saturday - take some photos outside in a pretty setting, and perhaps even start to turn over a patch or two of the plot ready for planting.
Really didn't grow anything last year, and I am determined to grow something this year, especially as we invested in a polly tunnel a couple of years ago that has yet to pay for itself!
I think some unusual squash, peppers, aubergines and potatoes will be my priority. there, now it is written down, it shall be so! (sew?)


Have I just completly jinxed the weather? perhaps we will now get the snow that was rightfully ours at the beggining of this week, but arrived as rain?

oh well, so long as I am not at work - who cares!

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