Saturday, 12 February 2011

My Van is DEAD!!!!

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Hello My Bloggy friends!  

What a miserable couple of weeks! the weather has been rotten, the days speed past so fast I feel dizzy! and the house work is just never ending.

My Van had to go for it's MOT this week, and has failed miserably - I cannot afford to get the welding done to get it through the MOT, so have decided to cut my losses and get rid of it. It has been a real star for me, a good work horse getting my mountain of Djembe's, Douns, Kpanlogo, Apentema etc all over the North West of England, from schools to youth clubs, corporate knee's ups, African Drum classes and Community drum circles - but the work has diminished over the past couple of years and I have been left with gigs for very young children who just don't get anything out of it!
I am selling all but a few of my drums, and Valda the Van will end up being sold or scrapped.

The End of an ERA for me. and I must admit, I have cried quite a bit over it.

I have been very busy moving the sewing room round as well, now I can manage the leek better, and it did need a good sorting out! I managed to free cycle a huge bag of fabric, though you can't tell, and another bag to the charity shop full of t-shirts that were going to become a rag rug, but that could be anytime n the next 20 years! there is only so much I can store for those 'just in case' moments! 

Finally I got around to some more items to sell on Folksy in my newly tidied and re-arranged room!

 A friend asked me to make a heart for her sister who had just had her bedroom decorated in black/white/grey - I made one for her, and one for the shop - she was so pleased with it! there is nothing like instant positive feedback!

 These are a new idea for me, and I have been working with a lovely woman who makes scented candles and soaps to get something to scent my items with that won't fade too fast or stain the fabric - these are for stinky trainers and smell of chocolate! I am going to do a few different 'flavors' and some more manly ones - because they have smellier feet!

and a couple more needle cases - I love this linen fabric from my new favorite e-bay shop


dosierosie said...

When you get a good car/van they become part of the family don't they. We had an espace that did us sterling service when my 3 were young and it held so many memories I was heartbroken when it had to go.

KC'sCourt! said...

Oh your poor van, we once had a car we loved that went to the great carpark in the sky.
Someone else like me - collecting Tshirts to make a rag rug, ended up going to the recycling centre and old jeans to make a big floor cushion also went, my craft room is only so big, my friend even gave me curtain samples which also had to go, I need to give up work and have a few extra hours in the day to make all I wanted to make!

Daisie said...

I feel for you but remember there is reason behind everything, there will be something amazing around the corner, I'm sure. Hugs xxx

Taz said...

Sorry to hear about the van, it seems to bed that time of year where if it's going to go wrong then it will eh? :(
Loving your makes xx

Anonymous said...

I love your drums.... have you read (I bet you have) 'When The Drummers Were Women' by Layne Redmond?
I always wanted a bodhran (is that how you spell it?), love drums, and although I know this is on a different level to the spiritual drumming, drumming as by Phil Collins always has me itching to have a go. But lack of money, lack of space, hence I thought of a bodhran. I don't know much abut the spiritual side of it, what I did know has been forgotten. Maybe I need to make time to read up again.

Christy@WickedHappy said...

So sorry to hear about your dear van's demise. So hard to let go of something that has been such a big part of your life, I'm sure. Thinking of you!!

HairyKnees said...

Ah man :) We have what we call a Kombi (don't know if it has the same name there by you :P) its not really a panel Van, but its a huge family vehicle, a giant taxi if you will... my dad loves the thing and I know it will be just as heart breaking for him to get rid of it when the time comes.

On the bright side, perhaps in the future you could invest in a newer, shinier van ;)