Wednesday, 5 January 2011

 AT LAST!! I signed up for a cushion swap - ooh, AGES ago! Then - I completely forgot about it! Imagine my surprise when this absolutely gorgeous parcel arrived from Neeta at  Everything Neet
 It is so lovely, and SO ME!!! all hand sewn, finished beautifully, and with some lovely 'extra' too (she has managed to encapsulate the relative size of my underwear uncanilly accurately!)
 The cushion cover received a feather pillow to give it maximum squashiness and has resided by the fire place on a tiny stool over Christmas for my smaller nieces to sit on!
 In return (after a bit of a shock reminder!!!) I sent out my cushion cover. I hope Nita liked it, she had requested something not too old fashioned, but once I finished it, I kinda thought it was a bit old fashioned...eek! but by then it was too late to make another.....

I am going to restrict myself to only 2 swaps this year I think - or - just organise one any suggestions of what to swap would be cool!

I had a request for my Marmalade Recipe - I have added another page to my blog with the recipe! No photo's yet, but take a look if preserves are you thing - and all comments are welcome, perhaps share some of your own fail safe techniques!


Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Both cushions are gorgeous. I'm very envious of your (and Neeta's) skills!

Just Original said...

You were very lucky in the swap and your cushion looks great!

I have too decided not to do any swaps this year as I spend too much time on them and then theres the stress of taste/likes!

Vanessa x

Pooch Purple Reign said...

thx for the recipe. i commented about it on the last post. its great
~laura xx