Monday, 3 January 2011

Tea of Life

2011 is here. I made it!!

As Mr Juicy's birthday is also 31st December, and he is now tea-total, we had a quiet night in, him scoffing his gluten, wheat, dairy free chocs, and me eating everything else! - well, someone has to do it, can't have all those short bread going off. 
Above is a gift from baby fig's new man - the most adorable collection of tea's I have not been able to open until I had photographed them, and now feel I should open as they look 'healthy' and smell fantastic, but I don't want to spoil them...oh well, perhaps I should have resolved to not hoard things because they 'look nice'
They are Pure Ceylon Tea flavoured with Earl Grey, Red Pomegranite, Jasmine Orange, Mint Julep, White Lavender, Tropical Sorbet and Green Passion Fruit, to name a few!!! 

One resolution has been to walk more - or cut down on my car use, especially now the price of unleaded is so high. I have been taking my camera with me as well, but sometimes get fed up with taking photo's of the same things over and over, however, I have been walking under what is known as the 'school house' my entire life and never ever noticed how colourful it actually is. Maybe it was just the light, angle etc, or that I had been reading my new Kaffe Fassett book about patterns and textures etc.

I just have to figure out how to turn these images into beautiful hand crafted items!!! 

Oohh, and it is almost Seville Orange season. I have been making Marmalade for donkeys years now, mainly because I love marmalade, the home made stuff is always better than mass produced orange jelly with a few shreds thrown in, it is so therapeutic to make and usually lasts us a whole year - Mmmmmm


KC'sCourt! said...

Happy New Year
Those teas look fascinating, are they fruit teas or ordinary teas?
Julie xxxxxxxxx

Sarah said...

Happy New Year! You're right, you can't beat homemade marmalade. It doesn't seem long ago since I was making it last year!

Pooch Purple Reign said...

can you post your marmalade recipe?
i made it once a long time ago but dont have the recipe anymore. i think i need some
i love the stone wall pic. awesome
~laura xx

Anonymous said...

Every year I intend making marmalade, and every year I cannot do it because I can't find any Seville oranges in my corner of rural East Anglia. I never give up hope though, and especially now Himself has been forced into early retirement, I have someone to share all the fiddly bits with!!

Pooch Purple Reign said...

THANKS for posting your recipe!!
i am amazed really, because its funny(well maybe thats just the "accent" and some of the words). and i love how you describe your passed down jam pot. what is a rag and bone cart?
it sounds to me quite special.
hopefully i can find seville oranges in this corner of the world.
i really appreciate this. will be even better with pics
~laura xx

Rachel said...

I love those teas! But they're hard to find, because there are so many "Tea of Life" brands. But they're delicious!