Tuesday, 16 March 2010

I went to London and all I took was 1 photo!

EEEK! it never ceases to amaze me how quickly time passes between blogs...
The past week has been very busy - working (bleurch...) knitting, sewing, watching BBC's Master crafts and desperately wanting to become a weaver now!

On Wednesday Baby Fig and I drove down to London as she had her first University interview at Westminster Uni - at the Harrow Campus for Art - and even if she doesn't get a place I am incredibly proud of her.

We stopped with my Aunt and Uncle in Balham, and met up with another Aunt at Harrow who took us through Harrow on the Hill to lunch - I had never been there before - it is like a lovely village in the middle of the city, and obviously a 'money' area.

So, after dashing here and there, the only photo I ended up taking was of Baby Fig herself back at Balham station while we waited for the crowds to disperse before maneuvering her art portfolio back to the flat.


twiggypeasticks said...

Fab photo!! I love the Mastercrafts programme, I was very pleased that nice man won this week. Wasn't all the fabric gorgeous.
twiggy x


Well! sounds like a lovely jaunt, lets hope she gets a place, it sounds a wonderful place for more visits.
Its sounds a wonderful course 'Art' just rings all the bells!

Vicky x

HairyKnees said...

Baby Fig Is all grown up! Hope she gets accepted :) university life was so much fun!