Sunday, 7 March 2010

Guess who's been on match of the day?

As I no longer work Mondays (a stress busting move) I have taken to pottering about our nearest market town on that day. There are plenty of shops in our village, but they are all a bit posh, and way out of my budget! (well, except Spar...)
Clitheroe is a gorgeous little town, a bit behind the times usually (certainly in respect to opening times, still honoring half day closing, lunch time closures and shutting up completely on a Sunday) and it now has the obligatory Boots store and a WH Smiths, it still retains a whole load of independent retailers that are unique to the town and one of the largest concentration of charity shops in the country!

Above is a really bad photo of the Chocolate Box - it has been there forever! A tiny shop with gorgeous original dark wood cabinets and shelves full of sweets and chockies - ahhhh, heaven.
Mr Fig and I went all out extravagant and invested in a quarter each of cola cubes, pineapple chunks and sour apple old are we????
Yesterday was my first day off with sunshine this week - and having only seen snowdrops from the car window for a while, and after seeing the lady farming them on last Sundays country file, I went to get some shots and have a closer look at these brief jewels!

The ones above were in the English Martyrs Church Yard, a sea of white!
And yes, I picked the one bellow from someones garden, it was behind a bush next to the fence, and I couldn't get close enough with the camera....well, that's my excuse! but isn't it lovely!!!!

And the ones bellow reminded us of lop eared Easter bunnies!

And then....Last night at The Grand in Clitheroe we went to see Frank Sidebottom and Charlie Chuck - what a night! Mr Fig and Baby fig had never seen them before, and Baby fig is the same age I was last time I saw him in 1989!

I honestly couldn't tell you what was funnier - Frank Sidebottom, the bloke behind who laughed like a drain all the way through or the two women in front who were utterly bemused by the whole evening and nearly fell of their chairs when Frank asked "Guess who's been on match of the day?" and the audience replied "you have, in your big shorts!"

Ahhh, the simplicity of northern humour....


HairyKnees said...

You know how confusing this is :P My friends call me Fig, so to read you refer to a Mr Fig and baby Fig makes me feel like a father and a child! Haha, great blog, those sugar cubes looks so yummy :x

twiggypeasticks said...

Oooo cola cubes and Frank Sidebottom, fantastic !!!
Twiggy x