Thursday, 17 April 2008

Grandma Day

oooh! I love grandma day - me n me mum toddle off to Warrington to visit my Grandma once a month, the visit includes a trip to Ikea (just for a few bags of coffee you understand...) and a really good catch up and natter in the car going and coming home again.
It was a lovely sunny day all day - although back home it had sleeted, rained and been generally miserable!
when I returned, a wee package of Kaffe Fassett had arrived! oh joy of joys! especially as it had been only 1/3 the normal price :~)

bought these gorgeous cards at Ikea - just for inspiration you understand...

and here is Grandma, 93 years old!

she baked her own bread, knitted her own socks, tatted, drafted her own patterns, made lace, and cooked the best chips egg and mushy peas in the northern hemisphere!

this is a rare photo as she is smiling, instead of looking worried..Then, to top the day off, the most amazing sun set that made even a humble terraced row look spectacular.
oooh! before I forget, a doll swap!!!! not sure how to do a fancy link thingy, so just go here and take a look!


Pipany said...

She looks lovely and so talented too; it amazes me what our grandparents managed to fit into their day xx

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

It's lovely to find you. Thanks for the nice comments on my bloggy.
Oooh Kaffe Fassett - I'd forgotten how much I love him :0). The fabric looks scrummy and your grandma is just huggable.

twiggypeasticks said...

Your grandma looks so lovely, she's very talented too. The fabric is lovely. I'm going to have a look at the doll link, right now
twiggy x

carolyn said...

Oh how I wish I could still have a Grandma Day, you are so very lucky..

megan said...

hi there - poor you 'cause you got me in the "dollswap"!!!! gonna have a good nosey of your blog now so i can get inspiration as to what you might like! Megan.