Friday, 28 March 2008

family walk

it isn't often I manage to persuade daughter unit and husband unit to both come for a walk with me, individually it isn't a problem, but together... any, we had one of those rare family moments, it was a lovely day, sunny on and off, we built a damn in the stream, took photo's of spring flowers, and got really muddy and tired! ah, look at their happy little faces - smiling at me stood knee deep in water!

unfortunately these forsythia blossoms were getting a bit past it, but they definitely reflected to mood of the day in there sunny disposition!

and this was supper - a couple of juicy fig crumbles! straight from the oven, bubbling away - yum!!

1 comment:

SugarPlumpFairy said...

Haha they are sure lovely photo's!! =] xxx