Friday, 28 March 2008

a day out in manchester...

yesterday Taryn and I decided to do a gallery visit to Manchester rather than a shopping trip. we started out at the Manchester Art Gallery, great exhibition about the history of Manchester, then lunch, and in our usual 'just our luck' way, we walked to the corner house where it was gallery change over day - in all the exhibitions, so nothing to see there, and we didn't fancy any of the films on. came back through primark, and didn't spend a single penny, then on our way back to the car park at the MEN decided to check out URBIS - passed it loads of times but never been in - WOW! it was fantastic! I recommend the place to anyone passing by, just for the funky building and weird cable car style lift!
top floor was dedicated to Manchester born fashion designer Matthew Williamson: Ten Years in Fashion -loved this design board, and the floating dismembered body's showing off the outfits that would never fit me!

the bottom floor was How manga took over the world - I do like a lot of the imagery used in manga, but this had to be my favourite picture in the exhibition, as I am THE WORLDS NUMBER 1 Star Wars fan!! woohoo!!!!

SO, overall, good day had by us both, both very tired and content when we got home, loads of leaflets collected and postcards purchased! all in all this has turned out to be quite a good week off work! please don't make me go back!!!!!


twiggypeasticks said...

lovely blog, I haven't been to Manchester for ages. Used to like to go to the art gallery and gawp at all the Pre-Raphaelite beauties wistfully and think well my hair is reddish I suppose - lol.
The dresses are gorgeous, but I wouldn't even get my arm in them :)
Glad you had fun

FormerBlonde said...

hello lovey
popped by your blog,and feel I must take a trip to Manc sooner rather than later.
you must love it in the rible valley, if its anything like the wharfe valley

so just saying hi to another yorkshire lass

jo aka former blonde xx

FormerBlonde said...

thanks for visiting,, and will forgive the fact you are in Lancs(cough!) because I see you like Amelie, and its one of my fave films !!


Suzie Sews said...

Sounds like a cool day... was aked to go and see the body show in Manchester this week...I think fashion is much more appealing!!!