Sunday, 11 November 2012

the creative bug!

I have been fortunate enough to discover a FREE art and craft class at the Ace centre in Nelson (Lancashire) 
It isn't often you get anything for free these days, and as one of those people who loves learning new skills, and meeting similar minded people, but who can't afford to go on a class, and doesn't qualify for a reduction, I have really relished these classes. 

I have had a go a drawing and painting (something I haven't done since 1990 back at collage - pre baby fig days!) and I have enjoyed the quiet contemplativeness required and been quite pleased with the results so far! (pictures at a later date!)

In the afternoon we have been doing various crafts, but I must admit I have been totally absorbed in Papier Mache. The last time I did any was to make masks for my Theatre A'level back in the late 1980's, but thanks to an amazing blog by Ann Wood  I have been inspired to not only do a few of my own designs but to have a go at a couple of the free designs she has posted. 
I have no idea what I will be using these tiny tea cups for - but who cares? they were a joy to make! 

And these two sailing boats have almost sated my desire to re-rig a vintage sailing boat! 
I have lined them with Primark tissue paper, and sewn patches of fabric and an old map to the canvas sails. They are names 'Harriett' and 'Bessie' after my crafty Grandmothers! 

Just click on any of the images to take you directly to Ann's website for instructions and templates! 



How fabulous .. just so so sooo love the tea cups and the boats!
And lucky you with the free courses ... classes can be so expensive.

Vicky x

KC'sCourt! said...

Oh wow! they look great!
Julie xxxxxx

Hawthorn said...

I have to say the little yachts are absolutely gorgeous - I dont live so far from the ACE centre and have yet to use it, a friend of mine goes regularly and says her children love the activities available - after seeing your creations, think I might have to go along!

Adriana Millán said...

How beautiful! Love it!