Saturday, 2 June 2012

Bunting n stuff

It is Jubilee weekend - 60 years of Queen Elizabeth II reign. The second longest reigning monarch (after Queen Victoria) and only one of a hand full of Queens our little island has had.
We have strung up some bunting outside the house, and will be eating a scone and sipping tea while raising a toast to her majesty at some point this weekend - although in the village there doesn't seam to be much going on. A far cry from her silver jubilee in 1977. 
I was 6 years old and remember school parties, free mugs and tea towels for all the children and a best decorated bike competition - Mum and Dad covered my bike with red white and blue crape paper flowers and flags - and I won! 
There I am in front of their house proudly posing for the camera.
I remember my mum and one of the neighbors sewing miles of bunting and my dad taking me with him into the front bedrooms of each house on the street to help him tie it all up so it zig zagged above our heads. Trestle tables were borrowed from the conservative club at the top of the street and everyone contributed food to the feast.
Most of the street had lived there for ever - people didn't move much in those days - My parents had bought their house from my dads grandad in 1970. They still live their today! Most of the old characters have long since died or moved and the street has lost it's community feel. It is more of a spare car park for the village now when once my dad had the only car on the street! 
The village organised a big sports day at the cricket club with all kings of races for the kids, 3 legged, egg and spoon, sack rage, relay's - a cricket match for the adults, tug of war, and plenty of Shandy's being drunk.

This time around my mum is the only one to have put up a little bit of bunting - there is no street party organised, no neighbors getting together to sew bunting and flags, no children having egg and spoon or sack races. There are no village events where all the children get to run around wildly - but the pubs have organised a 'Whalley live' event. In the pubs, at night. 

Whatever you get up to this weekend, if you are here or abroad, part of the commonwealth or not, Have a lovely time. Spare a thought for what community means to you and what your place is in it.
And Your Majesty - if you happen to be reading this (that would be too weird!) 
Have a good one love - you've been a good Queen - you're ok by me!


topchelseagirl said...

I remember getting a mug and a coin, but no tea towel!?
Sadly you're right about the lack of community spirit nowadays.

KC'sCourt! said...

I was working in london I was 21yrs in 1977 and remember the bunting all around and just going out with my boyfriend! (Now husband!). Ten years ago for the golden jubilee we sat and watched it on television and had a day with mum and dad, this year I will be watching it on television again! I must be getting old!!
Julie xxxxxxxx


I dont remember getting a teatowel... a mug and coin yes .. but no towel ... Eh lass.. you mst be from't posh end wat!

Vicky x