Thursday, 1 March 2012

White Rabbits, White Rabbits, White Rabbits

Every year on the first of March, before you say anything else - you are supposed to say "White Rabbits, White Rabbits, White Rabbits" - or so my mother informed me when I was very young. I have always said it on the 1st March, but it has NEVER been the first thing I said. 

She told me it was to bring good luck for the rest of the year. Since telling me this I have heard people say that you are supposed to say it on the first of every month, you can say "white rabbits" or "White Rabbits, White Rabbits, White Rabbits" - all pretty vague, and I cannot find anything that states it's origin, and although I am not what I would consider to be superstitious, well, there's no harm in saying it

The sun is out today, seams a long time since that happened! So washing is out on the line - I have banned the use of our dryer in an effort to cut our electricity bill - hopefully in half! 
While we still have the heating on (not MY choice, I would employ extra jumpers and socks etc) I have them all covered in washing. But I can't wait for warmer days to freshen the sheets and clothes and let them dry in the air.

I have been watching Superscrimpers lately, have you? It has amazed me how many people seam to think making meals from scratch is a novel concept. A lot of these people are around the same age as I am - did their schools not have home economics?  I do know a couple of people who don't do cooking, always eat from takeaways and moan they are always skint! I think I have been lucky to be brought up by a mother and grandmother who would never have dreamed of buying a ready meal or takeaway, and an Irish Aunty who believes no meal is complete without a potato! 

I do however think I have failed somewhat as a mother. My Daughter can cook perfectly well, but is obsessed with sell by dates, clearing out the fridge and cupboards of anything remotely near this date. No matter how many times I tell her the sell by date has nothing to do with weather the food is edible or not! I think padlocks on the cupboard may be needed.

This morning I have been making cranberry cordial. Just after Christmas, sainsburys had bags of cranberry's reduced from £3.99 to 50p! I bought 4 bags, used one and put the other 3 in the freezer. We are having a freezer clear out at the moment, so thought I may as well use them.  

I popped them in the old brass jam pan with plenty of water and boiled them for about 30 minuets - they popped of their own accord! but gave them a good mash as well, then into the jelly bag over night to strain. this morning there was over 2 pints of liquid. Back into the jam pan with 1 kg of sugar and the juice of a lemon - warmed until all the sugar had dissolved then into sterilised bottles - it should keep for some weeks in the fridge (if it isn't drunk first!)


KC'sCourt! said...

White Rabbits to you too! I have been watching Superscrimpers too. I agree didn't anybody learn basic cookery at school. I did I hated the lessons but I did learn a tiny bit, but learnt mostly from my mum.
I also like you have this thing about sell by dates, I think if it doesn't smell or look right its gone off!!
Julie xxxxxxxxx

Padiham Knitter said...

Another superscrimper fan here. Couldn't believe the Welsh guy's attitude this week. I think you are right and that lots of people only ever eat ready meals and processed food. I also like some of the cleaning tips as well...

The cranberry cordial sounds lovely.... must look out for some to try that out here at Padiham Towers

Chris said...

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