Monday, 2 January 2012

359 Thrifty days till Christmas

A few years ago Mr Fig opened our wood burning stove and a huge nail fell out onto the carpet. We didn't notice until we smelled the carpet burning. 
Although it is a perfect image of the nail, it isn't what I wanted to look at every time I sat down in front of the fire, so I covered it with an old Ikea rag rug I had in the bedroom. 

While cleaning up for Christmas Baby Fig threw this rug out. it was filthy - although it has been washed many times, and Mr Fig had decided a couple of years ago to actually chop fire wood on it so it had slash marks all over the back (can you understand what I have to deal with!!!!)

I have so far not seen a rug I like - or more accurately a rug I like and can afford. 
My Grandad always made rag rugs from old wool coats, and progressed onto wool rugs when coats were not easy to come by. I have had a go at rag rugging and wool pegging and find them both incredibly time consuming and boring to make, they just don't grow fast enough! 

So I have just been up to the sewing room and brought down a bag of old t-shirts I have been collecting for ages and a pair of scissors. 

My intention is to cut them all into long spiral strips, plait them into one very long strip and sew them together into an oval rug - for FREE! 

I have found a brilliant tutorial HERE and like I said yesterday - I never had a better chance to learn! 

I shall be back with the finished item soon.


KC'sCourt! said...

Well that looks easy. Have you ever tried knitting old T.shirts on chunky knitting needles, it gives a different texture too.
Julie xxxxxxx

Taz said...

Sounds good and I bet it will look even better hon ;)