Thursday, 29 December 2011

363 thrifty days till Christmas

I am as always trying to tidy my sewing room. Now matter how much I throw out, sell, tidy, give away, with in a week of there being floor and bench space, it has usually all vanished again. I don't buy very much new sewing materials these days, but I am always having a lot given too me! I belong to a couple of knit and natter groups and where there is one craft, others follow. Most of the ladies at these groups now exactly what I use, what I like, what I am looking for, and every time they have a clear out I get bags of goodies. Vintage lace, fabric, paper, ribbons, you name it, they have had it, and now I have it!  Besides this I am an incredibly untidy person. I can't help it, and I long to be a tidy person. 

If money were no object I am sure by now my little box/sewing room would have been transformed into a storage savvy area, but as money is always tight the room is full of random shelves from mum and dads kitchen, an old cupboard with the doors removed (as there wasn't space to open them) a couple of old office draws, baskets, boxes, tins...well you get the idea. I have to climb over stuff that hasn't yet been sorted out and bags of wool, just to get into the room.
I have decided that I need a set or two of free standing book shelves to place against the last bit of free wall but as I can't afford anything at the moment I have put out a plea on 'FREEGLE

I joined this web group a few years ago when it was called Freecycle - I'm not sure why it changed to freegle, but it did. 
If you are not familiar with this concept, I urge you to look it up. 
Basically it is a way of getting rid of almost ANYTHING that is perhaps not good enough to sell but is far too good to go into landfill. It is also a way of receiving stuff as well. 
You put out a Wanted or an Offered, let people know what it is you are giving away or what you want, and hopefully you will be inundated with people who either want what you are giving or have what you need. 
If you are lucky enough to 'win' an item it is up to you to collect it, if you give something away, then it is up to the recipient to collect it from you.

Ourselves, we have received a double bed, a single bed, 2 gorgeous sofa's, a microwave, a tea chest, grout whitener, fabric, yarn, toys - to name just a few! we have got rid of a sofa, 2 beds, a wardrobe, files, books, an arm chair, fabric, yarn and all sorts more. 

It is a fantastic idea, and ours in this area seams to work pretty well without incident plus they are all over the country. Even if you just sign up with nothing to offer, it is a revelation to see what is offered and what people actually manage to get hold of! 

So Keep your fingers crossed someone has an old set of bookshelves they were going to get rid of and they come our way, one day I WILL BE TIDY!


KC'sCourt! said...

You must be my double! I tidy my room on a regular basis but still the floor, table and chair are covered with stuff. People give me stuff like lace, ribbons and thread. My room never looks tidy and it is now leaking into the hallway!
Julie xxxxxxxx

Jenevieve said...

Your sewing room sounds like mine! Various storage shelves that don't match and boxes and bags of unsorted craft stuff.

I love freegle (not sure why it changed the name), the best thing I've received was a breadmaker and we've got rid of loads of things including a sofa and old sewing machine. I should probably get rid of a few things too, although I've just discovered Gumtree, great items for fairly low prices, especially kids toys that are still in good condition. :) x