Thursday, 3 March 2011

Treasure Island - with cute animals.

The sun has been fighting through a thick haze all day, making it look warmer than it is! After spending most of it chained to my sewing room, on my last sewing day before Saturdays Craft Fair (tomorrow is labeling and final titivating day!) Mr Juicy and I went for a swift walk to blow some cobwebs out of the old noggin!
Jemmy was extremely pleased to be out for a second time, and Stitch came along for part of the way

He insisted on walking over the snow drops I was trying to get a shot of. Too cute to be told to bugger off though! 

This little guy was born a few nights ago in the field opposite - his mum had kept us awake shouting for an epidural the night before.

This season should be re-named 'the time of cute baby animals'

Thanks for your comments on my last post - I am in the process of inventing the perfect island paradise - in true sci-fi manner, once imagined - anything is possible! 
so far there is a small hamlet of warm stone cottages, large gardens with soil perfect for growing veg.  Trees, fields, streams, hills and valleys - but it all fits onto a few square miles! the children can run round barefoot, and the village shop will not be tesco's, but a lovely co-operative that also stocks the fruits of out crafty labours for the odd tourist who makes it there. Now then, men... Strong, outdoor types with rugged good looks, and they can have an old barn on the hill to do bonding type things like building fires etc. when there is a good period drama on TV!

oh well, will keep working on that plan.

So, before I say ta ta for now, here are two pickie of a couple of brooches and some key rings I have been slaving away over - ready for Saturday!!!! 


KC'sCourt! said...

Love the key-rings and brooches.
Good Luck for Saturday
Julie xxxxxx

VintageVicki said...

Gorgeous makes - fab buttons on them :)

Hope all goes well on Saturday - and don't forget your float ;)

And a flask of coffee!!

Christy@WickedHappy said...

Best of luck! I am sure you'll have a lot of success! :)

Taz said...

Aww cute pics.
Love the brooches and key rings - am off to count my penny jar right now!

Am also loving the sound of those big rugged men ;)

Anonymous said...

The hearts are lovely, but your dog even lovelier....sorry!

Pooch Purple Reign said...

i like your island so far. make sure it doesmt snow there please. where is your snow by the way??
good luck saturday...ah, yesterday haha
~laura x