Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Tiny stitches

Thank you for all your comments regarding the roof - every spare penny is being saved for it at the moment, then we just have to find an honest roofer (having already paid 3 different roofers to go up their and do nothing!)

The 'dummy' turned out to be the good type! but as daughter Taryn acquired it, she is now keeping it in her already overcrowded bedroom. She has started her own blog this week, and put photo's of 'Pertunia' up Pertunia the plus size model

Still away from the sewing room, I have been doing a little bit of embroidery as well, Taryn bought me a book for Christmas with some really pretty idea's for cross stitch - not thinking too much about fabric and hole sizes etc I set forth on a couple of little samples - my eye's were nearly bleeding when I finished! Me thinks some bigger fabric might be in order!

I also signed up to Twitter this week - what on earth is that about? I kept thinking it was crucial because everyone is tweeting - but I just don't get it! still, it is keeping me both perplexed and amused for the moment.

Right - I am off to Culcheth near Warrington today - double visit as always, Black Sheep Wools first, then into Warrington to visit Grandma.


Daisie said...

Love the little tea pot!

Have fun at the black sheep barn *jealous*

We had a good roofer a while ago, redid all our kitchen roof (very well too) and didn't cost us the earth, called Andrew, lives in Clayton, will see if I can find his number and email it to you. I know how hard it is to find good tradesmen. And if you know of a good plasterer do let me know :)


Anonymous said...

I can remember how tiring on the eyes working in miniature cross stitch was, when I used to do it for the dolls house. Now my eyes just wouldn't manage at all. I know a good roofer or two as well, but since I live in East Anglia, not much use, sorry!

Pooch Purple Reign said...

wow, i know good roofers too.... but alas, canada. you will find the right one.
cuuuute tea pot!
~laura x