Thursday, 13 January 2011

the be-clothed bunny

Thank you all for your advice! in the end I made....HIM....a purple jumper (although he could still possibly be a she)

Billy Bunny is now for sale on Folksy, and I shall be making a larger bunny or two, so I can make dungaree's pinafore's, skirts and pants etc - all in Purple! hehe, or not. 

I have been very busy photographing the stages of making marmalade all day, and I still haven't finished it, and have decided my Etsy shop will be for Vintage items and my Folksy shop for hand made items. I have been trawling through one of the many button tins from my Grandma (now in her 97th year don'tcha know!) and it is a real wrench getting rid of any of them, but there are so many, and I can't see me ever using some of them. If you are into your buttons, take a look, they are all reasonably priced (I think!) '

Right - I am off to pick baby fig up from work - she works at the clothes store EVANS in Blackburn town centre - the shop is closing for good the first week in February, so they are clearing out all the junk. Apparently she has managed to get her hands on a shop dummy - I just really really hope it is one of those tasteful headless calico bodied, one wooden leg affairs and not some slightly chubby plastic, naked, bald chick!


Louise said...

More than likely the latter! I love the colour purple, and bunny blends in so nicely with your blog. Happy New Year. x


My money is on the bald chick!

Fancy Evans closing in Blackburn..big town like that (or City even - it has a Catherderal after all!. Would have thought there would be lots of trade.

Lovin the bunnies!

Vicky x

VintageVicki said...

Billy is looking gorgeous - rather like my little Silly Billy - he's gone out in a purple top tonight.

rockpixie said...

It was the lovely wooden legged headless creature!!
Love the purple jumper on mr bunny!


Taz said...

Aww he looks so cosy in his jumper.

Is it just babyFigs store that's closing or ALL Evan's stores - please god I hope not or I'm going to struggle to find my big foot size shoes all over again :(

Once Upon a Time in the North said...

Yay for purple!You can never go wrong with that colour- its my favourite.

Pooch Purple Reign said...

haa thats funny. i will be glad to see the marmalade pics. ive been looking for the right oranges... no luck yet :(
buttons are cool
~laura xx

Country Girl said...

Awww, love your bunny!