Sunday, 5 December 2010

BRIX - The Adventure!

Wow - what an experience that was!!! The Journey to London from Lancashire started at 7.15am on Friday. The Motorway was thankfully snow and ice free, however, the entire 233 miles was either thick fog or blinding sunshine - the squirters on the screen wash froze solid and we had to continually stop just to wash the windscreen with our flask of hot water. London was a little busy but not too bad, and after the trauma of having a seagull flap up and hitting the windsceen and the Tom Tom giving me directions completely different to those I usually follow we made it!!!! 
Above is my Auntie Cathy and my Niece Maisy - my helpers.

 The Venue was really nice. The Brix is an old Methodist Chapel right in the heart of Brixton - A lovely building both outside and inside. We all got on with setting out our stalls, getting to know the other stall holders etc. I must admit the first night was disappointing with regards to the amount of people who turned up, mostly family and friends of stall holders - but it was dark and bitterly cold and frozen outside, so I don't blame people for dashing home after work and not leaving it again for the evening! 

 So by closing on Friday night I had only sold 2 items, had drunk several complimentary mulled wines and was rather tired and emotional!

Here are a couple of other stalls - the lovely ladies next to me has the most gorgeous jewelry

I think these ladies were mother and daughter - they had the sweetest knitted animals
And the stall below sold these amazing cake stands made from plates, cups, wine glasses etc

We were there bright and early on Saturday with the promise of far more customers. 
It was busier than Friday, but still not the quantity of people who had been anticipated. The organisers spent hours dashing round Brixton with fliers, trying to encourage people in. The visitors who did find there way in were so positive, complimenting the goods etc and I took just a few pounds more than the cost of the stall, selling about 10 items - gave away LOTS of business cards, and met some really lovely people!

These two were having a ball! 

So - we packed up our suit cases at 4pm, loaded up my tiny car, set Tom-tom for home, and ploughed our way across London to the M1

Thankfully the Motorways were fairy clear all the way home - Alan Carr entertained us on Radio 2 - I managed to buy a hot coffee at a service station and having not secured the lid properly, pored scalding coffee down my chin - then about 3 miles from home got flashed by a speed camera in Osbaldeston! My lovely niece suggested I plead for clemency by telling the police it was foggy so I didn't see the speed signs - I explained that they may possibly double any fine if I said that! 
SO - Cost of stall - covered. Cost of petrol, £70 down, cost of speeding fine, possibly £60, cost of the whole experience??? PRICELESS! 

Thanks Aimee and Jo for a lovely lovely time - and here's to many new friendships and connections!


MitziMakes said...

It does look like you met some lovely people! and complimentary mulled wine - how yummy!!

Daisie said...

Sorry it wasn't a greater success for you but am glad you had fun x

Pooch Purple Reign said...

it does sound like you had quite an adventure if nothing else.
AND you did meet more friends. how cool

Christy@WickedHappy said...

Clearly if the weather hadn't been so awful, you'd have made a hefty profit. Sorry that part didn't work out perfectly. Looks like you still had a lovely time and met many great folks. Success, for sure!!!

Louise said...

Bet that mulled wine helped numb the whole experience. Not all bad, it's good to make friends along the way, even if it's a perilous one! x