Saturday, 9 October 2010

the bit's that were left over....

 URGHHH! what rotten weather! - mind you, being British means you have to speak about the weather at least 10 times per day or it's off to the tower - and if you need to queue up to talk about the weather, then that's even more British.
I love this country!!!

I have been busy cutting up mount board to make into kits, at the end I was left with a huge pile of cardboard triangles - I hate wasting anything so sat contemplating what the triangles could be transformed into - I made a decoration for the Christmas tree, that seams to have vanished - it must be camera shy! then a friend suggested a pin cushion - so after much 'faffing about' I produced the above item - it doesn't stand up, or close quite like it should, the hinge is a bit wobbly, the corners a bit bulky and the whole thing is well...a bit impractical - so back to the drawing board! by the time I come up with something really cool to make I will have run out of triangles!

Here in the North West we are still (as far as I know) under the hose pipe ban, not that I have had cause to use a hose pipe since the ban was imposed as it hasn't stopped raining for weeks! I know I know, it's to do with drainage, geology, run off and other such technicalities - but come on! the reservoirs and rivers couldn't be much fuller! 

I caught my reflection in a puddle - I look like a puddle poodle! 

So - to try and get the better of the weather, today has been a baking day. A gluten, wheat, dairy free apple cake for Mr Juicy, Leak and potato soup and an egg and cheese using up quiche for me and baby fig - and now I am scouting round the kitchen trying to figure out what to use the rest of my short crust pastry on! 

Have a great weekend folks!


Cheap2Chic said...

Lovely makes and your puddle poodle photograph is brilliant! It would make a good competition, i.e. what is this a photo of? xx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Like Cheap2Chic, I love the piccy of your puddle poodle photo. I too suffer from that complaint (ie. poodle hair).

Twiggy said...

Great makes, the weather in yorkshire is pants too, our lottie is sooooo flooded
twiggy x

Daisie said...

It's a shame the pin cushion isn't quite working as it's so pretty! x


My Mum use to make Fly paper with left over pastry _ Dad loved it smothered with butter! She simply rolled out the left over pastry sprinkled one side with currants and sugar, folded plain side over and rolled the whole lot a bit more (to squash the 'flies'/currants). And baked of course - Dad loved it!
Of course as a little child I firmly believed they were real flies - along with believing syrup was made from dead lions! Remember the picture on the syrup tin - a lion with flies buzzing around its head.
Enough rubbish from me!

Vicky x

Scarlett said...

Love the poodle pic!

Anonymous said...

I like the pincushion but without the hinge and so on.Why not a simple pincushion using three of the triangles? (It is three you need isn't it? Maths not a strong point and getting older hasn't improved that situation!)

Pooch Morning Glory said...

i like how you use up all thats left.
and i like the poodle pic

Simone said...

I like your 'puddle poodle' reflection! x

Country Girl said...

Your pincushion looks lovely! Hope you find a way to make it work.
Is the weather any better now?