Friday, 10 September 2010

The Box Making Workshop

On Tuesday this week I taught my first craft class - a full day workshop making fabric covered boxes - and it was fab! 

The class was very small, 3 lovely ladies had booked, none of whom had made these before, they were surprised we actually built the box from scratch, thinking we would be covering a ready made box. 
I had made a sample for the shop in their chosen fabrics, and all 3 ladies wanted to make the patchwork tops for their boxes, meaning we didn't quite get them finished, but everyone left with about 30 minutes sewing left to do at home, and eager to finish them - I ended up buying this tilda fabric and making a box at the same time - it was amazing to see 4 identical shaped boxes  look completely diferent from each other just because of the fabrics we all chose

Here are the workshop tables with everyones heads missing for camera shyness reasons! :~)
you can see the boxes starting to take shape - looking inside out at this point!

I really wanted to get photo's of everyone with their finished box - one lady has promised to e-mail me a photo of hers - I can't wait to see it! 

I am still working on the tutorial!!!


Jules said...

Would have loved to have joined your workshop - damn the day job! Naughty me - just couldn't wait for the tutorial so have just placed an order - am very excited about this! Thanks so much - it's great to learn something new and I'm already thinking these could be very nice Chrimble pressie receptacles! xx


Well done you! All looks great - pity I live so far away, I would have loved the workshop.
Lovely little boxes.

Vicky x

Anonymous said...

I did fabric covered boxes in the nineties, then moved onto boxes covered with handmade papers, but never have I made a box from scratch, they were already formed and ready for me to cover. Yours are gorgeous.
Maggie -

Country Girl said...

Thaey look great - wish you were nearer so I could come but looks like I will have to make do with the tutorial.

Just Original said...

The boxes look great, really pleased the course went well, I hope you have lots more booked.

Vanessa x