Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Ventures on FOLKSY

Wow - what a week - I haven't had time to read all the lovely blogs I normally do! 
Baby Fig is moving out into her own flat this week, so we have been busy collecting bits of furniture, buying tea towels etc...Just had time to pop out with the dog last night to 'Spring wood' - aptly named as it is at its very best in spring when our native bluebells form an amazing purple carpet 

and for the rest of the week I have been busy selling my clothes on e-bay, and...tada...opening my Folksy shop! (shameless advertising time!)

Here is a little sample of what I have posted up for sale all ready!

The next step is the harshest one - I NEED to sort through my vast fabric collection (dating back almost 20 years) and pop some of that onto folksy as well, so if you are into your vintage Liberty and Laura Ashley - keep your eye on my folksy shop! 

there - advertising over.


KC'sCourt! said...

You've been busy! I'll keep my eye out on Folksy too
Julie xxxxxxxx

The English Writer said...

I adore Folksy, and I love Laura Ashley, so I think I had better keep popping over to check! Karen x

Taz said...

I'm loving your wares honey ;) Just wish I had some pennies to spend x

Pooch Morning Glory said...

gorgeous bluebells! my daughters are both moving right now too. one back home to work for the summer and one to toronto for teachers college in the fall
fun isnt it??
what is a folksy shop?

Jules said...

Nice piccies - and good luck with the shop - I'll be popping by no doubt!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the shop - I hope it goes well for you. I too don't plan when I shop for craft items. I am an impulsive crafter, so like to have a stash just in case. If I have to trot to the shops for supplies I lose interest (well that's my excuse anyway)!xx

Bluebell said...

oh! Best check out your shop :)