Saturday, 1 May 2010

Sloe Gin, mamalade and cheers!

It has been such a busy week! first of all I went to a crochet class with age concern on Monday - it is run in the library, so anyone can attend - my 50th is a long long long way off...honest!!!

so since then I have been obsessively crocheting strange looking objects and then pulling them back after giggling like a school girl at them.

Yesterday my niece came round and made marmalade and bread, we have set up a little stall at the front door to try and earn a little spending money for the black sheep wools sale we are off to tomorrow
Yesterday was also my baby brothers 34th birthday - here we are, a very rare photo of me! I love the delicate way the flash bounces of his baldy head!

The Sloe Gin I started last November was ready to decant yesterday. It was a first for me, I have made cherry brandy in the past, wines, bears etc, but spent a long time trying to find sloe berry's growing round here - so now is my chance to raise a glass to all you wonderful people out there in blog land!

To all of you who follow my blog, make me smile, keep me sane, share your lives and passions!


And thank you also to the two lovely bloggers who awarded me more smiles this week!

From Catherine at Kids and Capers for the sunshine award

and from Deborah at Fondant Kiss for the I love your blog award

CHEERS to you two lovely people!

There seams to be so much love going around at the moment I couldn't possibly choose between all the blogs I read and love to pass these onto, so to anyone who pops by here and makes me smile - help yourself to an award - you deserve it!


Elizabeth said...

Greetings from Elizabeth who
used to live in Marrakesh and is coming to England next week!

twiggypeasticks said...

Ooo send me some homemade hooch will you :) That is a very cheesey grin missus
twiggy x

Pooch Morning Glory said...

i was just lurking around some blogs and found you. very cool that you make your own "brew". i have been known to do some of the same. just bottled a banana pineapple voignet (white wine)
cheers from canada

Bluebell said...

Nothing like homemade sloe gin! We made a massive batch of it last year and although I've still got loads left, I'm definitely making more this year! Was a big hit as part of people's christmas pressies too (nothing like homemade booze!)

Pooch Morning Glory said...

ps. i have never heard of a sloe berry. serious.