Tuesday, 20 April 2010

the ramblings of a traditionally built lady

It's amazing what a little bit of sunshine does for the spirit! I almost leapt out of bed this morning, then decided that easing my way into the day would be nicer, as I have nothing of consequence to do today.

But I like to have something to do!!!
I thought I would blog about the things that cheer me up - this depression lark can be a real pile of cr*p at times, and even though the day starts off well, the smallest thing can send me off into floods of tears of sadness, happiness, confusion, frustration....and so on.

The sun hits the front of our house in the morning - above is the blind in my sewing room, based on a Kaffe Fassett design from his first book - it is nice all the time, but particularly when the sun shines!

My mum got the (almost) latest instalment of the Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency for Christmas, and finished it yesterday - so I was next in line for it - We have been avid fans from the start, and I do love the books so much more than the TV series - it is like slipping into a comfortable pair of slippers! and we consider ourselves to be "traditionally built" - sounds so much better than fat! hehehe

On my windowsill is my Caithness glass paperweight, a present years ago from the factory itself when mum and dad where touring Scotland - I find it so fascinating to stare at, I love the colours - but I always had a fascination with glass marbles - wondering how those swirls were put into them - magic glass fairies I think!

Ahh, the view from my bedroom window - especially on a sunny day - Whalley Viaduct is right in front of us, it leads straight onto the Settle to Carlisle line after Clitheroe - and I still get a kick out of waving to people going past - my niece rang me the other day from one station away - "Auntie Kath, we will be over the arches in a minute - will you come and wave to us???"

And my scruffy little urchin dog Jemmy had an appointment at the groomers yesterday, bath, trim, nails done - she is like a pup again, all that mucky matted fur must have been dragging her down! I love the way she moves round the room with the sunshine.

so - better get myself out for a walk while the sunshine is here!


twiggypeasticks said...

Hello lovely
Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. Sometimes you just feel crap for no reason whatsoever don't you? I know exactly where you're coming from but popped out for a walk this morning and it gladens the heart on a day like today. Jemmy is so sweet !! Keep your chin up and take care of yourself.
Twiggy x

HairyKnees said...

I must agree with you... Glass marbles are really awesome to look at :) I still don't quite understand how they do it but its amazing! I live on a main road here, I wish relatives of mine would call to tell me to wave as they drive past :P

Taz said...

From one traditionally built woman to another (((((hugs))))

I thought I'd already commented on your post but I guess not - my dementia is obviously kicking in early :)

That blind is amazing! Did you make it?

I hope your walk helped lift your spirits some hon, I know some days I could walk to the moon and back and still feel the same (((more hugs)))

Seems us Taz's are unique women ;) My nickname was Lamp post! Nice eh? Least your Taz's sounds more exotic.