Sunday, 28 March 2010

What an UGLY Baby!

I don't have a very sweet tooth (chocolate being the exception...of course!) but someone gave me a Haribo Jelly Baby the other day and I had to search them out for myself.

They have to be the ugliest, scariest babies around - and as such need to be eaten head first.

if only they didn't taste so damned good!

If you like your jelly babies though, look at these... Jellyatrics


twiggypeasticks said...

Want to know something exciting? Mr Twigs works in Pontefract just round the corner from the Haribo factory and they have a factory shop!!!!!
I love dropping him off at work, getting out of the car and sniffing the air and saying, hmmm something strawberry flavoured today !!
Twiggy x
PS Twiglet loves visiting the shop as the nice lady there gives him lollies :)


I wonder who first thought up the idea - that eating babies might be a good thing? - might catch on?
Scary guy no doubt!

I still like the black ones when you can get them - whats that say about me??

Vicky x

Catherine said...

Oh yum yum! Love jelly babies...! Cx