Monday, 22 February 2010

fascinating phalanges...

Sometimes my brain makes connections I had never thought about before, and then I can't remember why the connection was made!
Recently it put a connection together that perplexes me -namely my inability to do certain tasks WITHOUT looking at my fingers.

I know it probably down to practice in some cases - Piano and guitar have never been mastered because I have to stop every time I change a chord to make sure my fingers are in the right place. Hand sewing and knitting - I have to watch every stitch or I do make mistakes, and therefore find it hard to sit and watch TV while doing either of these - I need to listen to the radio more - I even have to watch my fingers while typing, something I spend hours doing everyday at work and at home, there is nothing more annoying than typing away for 5 minutes only to look at the screen and there is nothing there!

I recently went to the local 'Bowland Guild of spinners, weavers and Dyers' meeting and was talking to a lovely lady, we were both knitting, me - only when I could look at my hands, but this lady never looked at her knitting once - in fact, I watched her knitting more than she did with a kind of slack jawed amazement!
It's a good job I don't have to look at them while changing gear in the car!

So - to finish the first of my Easter bunnies, I sat in bed until lunch time on Sunday and watched as my hands did the work, with no distractions!

Mr Fig (or Mr Juicy as he prefers) keeps mocking me for making 'cosies', a hat is a head cosy, a scarf is a neck cosy, I have made cup cosies and phone cosies - well, you get the idea - so I had to grab a photo of natures very own wall cosy while we were in the Trough of Bowland last weekend!

The sun has been shining today, here are some of Mr Figs Chili crop from last autumn that have been drying in the window all winter, and below some gorgeous candy coloured roses Mr Fig treated me to as a 'not valentines flowers' gift
He's the real sweetie!



Cutie,cutie bunny!
Yeh! I have to watch my fingers!!

Vicky x

twiggypeasticks said...

Fantastic post title :) I love the bunny, very sweet.
Twiggy x