Saturday, 12 January 2008


What inspires me?I have always had a need to make things, My grandmother studied dressmaking, crocheting, tatting, and knit the first aran jumpers in Warrington! I still have 4 pairs of socks she made me on 4 needles. My mother still knits all the time but has no confidence in her own talents and abilities - and she should do! the stuff she makes is wonderful, and the memories of the clothes she made me as a child are still fresh, and still inspire me. She will turn her hand to anything and have a go, and like me, always has something in the process of being made, and a pile of projects not yet finished (how's the advent calander coming along mum?)
so, it was inevitable that I would end up with a sewing machine in front of me. I would make all sorts of strange a bizare items to wear or use.I started a city and guilds in patchwork, but due to work commitments never finished it - never stopped me making quilts though.My favorite quilt artist has to be Kaffe Fassett - I love what he does with a simple pattern and the most amazing colours and fabrics, and more recently Amy Butlers patterns and Fabrics have really inspired me - if only I could do nothing but crafting!

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