Tuesday, 3 January 2012

358 thrifty days till Christmas

My thrifty-ness was thwarted today, and I am not happy about it! 

Today is my Dads 75th Birthday - my brother and I are both very very skint at the moment and my dad is one of those people who just has everything he wants or needs. He usually ends up with a fridge full of cheese and gallons of port from the Christmas sales (he has not been disappointed this year) and after hours of agonising bro and I thought it would be nice to pay for Dad and Mum to go and see the Halle Orchestra on the 17th Feb at King Georges Hall in Blackburn. 
I checked the price of the tickets, got the cash together, made sure on the KGH web site that the ticket office was open, drove 8 miles to Blackburn in the worst weather, paid to park, walked to KGH, and found it shut. There were no signs outside to say why it was shut or when it would be open and upon ringing the number on the box office sign found out they no longer use that number. I eventually pressed my head against the gates at an awkward angle and could just about see a small note on the door stating the office would re-open TOMORROW!

so - back home and straight onto ticket-master who charge £1.75 to post you the tickets, or you can collect them from the venue for...£1.75!

Anyway, dad is very pleased with his gift, even though we had nothing tangible to give him. And lessons learned? Sort out Dad and Hubby's birthday presents BEFORE Christmas next year! 

I am however determined to post a thrifty post EVERY day. 
Today I recommend another blogger. If you don't already follow her, do take a look, and if you have time read back through her posts. She is incredibly inspirational, she has paid off a mountain of debt and intends to pay off her mortgage early. This year she is not buying ANYTHING besides food and bills. I would LOVE to do this, but fear I am failing already, only 3 days into the new year! 

Do pop by and say hello to the Frugal Queen!

Until tomorrow.


KC'sCourt! said...

I have been following Frugal Queen for a while now and can recommend her blog too!
Julie xxxxxxx

Catherine said...

I would love to be like Frugal Queen but fail miserably!! Baby steps!! LOL! Cx

Pooch Purple Reign said...

hey girl
All the best for 2012 !
~laura x