Sunday, 18 April 2010

Drum roll please!!!!!!!

As the sun was shining this morning, I thought what the heck, and put a load of stuff outside my little terrace to sell, thinking it might just cheer people up as they went past, it cost me nothing, and I don't have to sit next to it all day! I haven't sold anything as yet, but I'm not bothered, however two young boys came to have a look, I could hear the conversation from inside as one said to the other "doesn't your mum need some dish cloths? - they are very good ones!"

Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon teaching an African Drum class to the Blackburn Peoples choir, it was just so uplifting for me! I don't teach many classes these days (this is not my day job...) most of the workshops I do with the drums are drum circles with children and are fast noisy and frantic, yesterday was just what I love doing, back to where I started over 15 years ago with real west African Patterns...

The group picked it up really quickly, and before you know it, we were making sweet music! what a total buzz. I only got chance to take 2 photo's - here people are choosing the drum they want to play.

When I got home Mr Fig had been busy creating a pie. He said this was the only time he would probably ever make one of these, a Wheat, dairy, gluten free hot water raised game pie, with venison, rabbit and pigeon in it - 3 days in the making - but very tasty!

I was also given this wonderful award, TWICE! wow - well as you can imagine in my current state, this threw me into floods of tears! Thanks to Twiggy and Taz for this!

So now I need to send on the love to 10 bloggers...

one each for;
Daisie Days
K C's Court
Kids and Capers
Frugal Queen
Ruby's Button Tin
Anglesey Allsorts
Ragged Roses

ok, I didn't get to 10...
To be honest, I would also have chosen the people who chose me!
You all give me so much inspiration, and all of you make me smile!

Thanks for that...


KC'sCourt! said...

Thank you for the award

twiggypeasticks said...

Tee hee great minds think alike !! I think your little sale looks so lovely as does the yummu pie.
twiggy x

Taz said...

Hehehehee me and the twigster are just too alike ;)
Ok I am coming for a visit (when I win my bike) I want to go to your wool shop, I would love to be in your drumming workshop and you have a man that makes pies!!!!

HairyKnees said...

You play the African drums?! :O wait... you teach HOW to play? Thats so cool :D I'd really love to learn one day. My one dream is to learn how to play a proper drumkit. I will get to it one day!

Louise said...

Do you know I've always wanted to do that, sell stuff from outside my home, but I live in a close with not enough passing trade. I can't believe you haven't sold anything! I must admit to quite enjoying listening in on other people's conversations! x